Notes/Final Review/Dialogue/to do


” I like the sculptures and how it has to do with sexuality and eludes to the future”.

“I also like the other intro with the house because it makes it seem like a movie”.


“Color correct the green tint on Arias face during the interview”.

“I think it will make the background less noticeable”

“I also like the intro showing the inside of Arias house”

*Idea: Remove the part with the marriage


“I think the one minute session is awesome”


“Tie in the idea of transition with character building”

“The sculptures show a very powerful idea”

“I was almost a little disappointed when the voice came in the one minute version. Someone should be sitting there cutting along the montage to different segments of the film”

“Theres a very aesthetic energy I saw in the first one minute film”

“Spread the montage throughout the film as a transitional element”

“It was really open up the film and let it breath and give it a poetic and beautiful sense”

“Theres no way you can put a bar over or blur the wife?”

“Its a huge part of the story to be left out”

“One thing that jumped out was the clunky cuts of photo with silence then cut back to the interview”

“I would like to know more of what transition means…”

“a couple of shots needed to be stabilized”

“certainly place for music more throughout”

“What we are misusing is her philosophy on her journey. I want to know what her life philosophy is.This wild un-expected journey that most people don’t take”

“Theres a big philosophy thing that I want to hear at the end”

“How does she feel about people who don’t give a shit that she’s a great person”

*Idea: more in depth on the future, relationship wise, a snapshot of what is to come.

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