About the Project


American Muslim Women living in the Bay Area speak about their relationship with love, dating and marriage. Furthermore we explore how immigration, Islamaphobia and the current political climate have also affected these specific factors in their lives. The idea is to interview an array of woman and create a story based on their experiences. 



I have access to many Muslim women in the local community who share a rich set of values and beliefs with one another at the same time their experiences are vast. I have already interviewed several of Muslim women and will be able to interview them for this project as well. I am open to shooting at different locations but at the very least the interviews can be conducted at my residence in Oakland. 


The story that is being asked to be told here is about the how politics, culture and religion have affected the way Muslim women view love, relationships and marriage. How has their identities been fractured by external factors such as islamaphobia and how has their identity been empowered? The goal is to discuss the "no mans land" that many women living in between two cultures find themselves in. Also, if possible finding solutions to repairing identities and discussing different ways to heal and empower themselves. 



I do not have a set list at the moment but I have over a dozen people in mind. I will narrow down my list and select the women with the most vast experiences. 


Most likely my residence which is a great location to shoot something simple like interviews.


Interview series of American Muslim Women and their relationship with love, dating and marriage; how media, politics and bi-cultural norms and expectations have fractured and/or empowered these women. 


The interview series will document events from many years ago, i.e. migrant stories up to current events. 


This film is directed towards educating people about Islam and women. Anyone curious about this factor within the bigger topic of Islam could be a good potential audience. More than that, this project is geared to empower other Muslim women who feel alone or confused. The project will create a sense of solidarity and further open up the dialogue. 


I will be interviewing these women, I will write the questions and layout a format for the film. Interview footage and B-roll will be compiled to tell the story. 


I am interested in this project because there is nothing like it out there and I am tired of feeling misrepresented in media and global affairs. I am sure that other Muslim women feel this way and will be able to get some strength from this project. Also, It can serve as an educational tool for those who are trying to educate themselves about American Muslim women.