SMJ Roughcut feedback

  1. Shadow interview with queer Muslimah is hijacking the piece 
  2. Islamaphobia as a personal experiance is a very good segment to include for Aly's piece 
  3. Needs Structure 
  4. B-Roll — News Clips, still photogpraphy 
  5. keep it impactful 
  6. start with Aliyas testimony and then hit audience with a bang! play on emotions 
  7. decide/grouping segments: i.e.homosexulaity, Islamaphobia, LBGT Muslims, Omar Mateen 
  8. make sure none of the footage underminds the core concept 
  9. try and get another interview w the Jordanian Gay man in the Castro 
  10. trim footage overall 
  11. include healing moments at the end 
  12. (The scarf story and the vigil story) 
  13. ten minute mark 
  14. strucutre and impactfulness are KEY!