1. The Narrative spine of this film is the identity crisis of the LGBT (including LGBT MUSLIMS) community, post-Orlando shooting and the rise of Islamaphobia in America due to the current political climate.
  2. The main characters are:

    1. Alya – a queer practicing Muslim woman who balances two colliding identities within one entity. Alya’s interview is witness protection program style where her identity is concealed.
    2. Zahra Billoo – Executive Director of CAIR (Counsel of American Islamic Affairs)

      • Fights Islamaphobia in America everyday. The interview is at her office in Santa Clara.
  3. We plan to add b-roll shots that will play during parts of the interview. The B-roll will tell a visual story that is synonymous with the A- Roll audio story.
  4. The conflict that drives this story is the rise of hatred and bias against Muslims in this country, an entire people is judged for the actions of a few. The other conflict, which drives this story is the hatred expressed by both the American mainstream and Muslim community towards the Homosexuals.
  5. I wish to clear misconceptions about Muslims. I wish to show the world that LGBTQ Muslims do exist. I wish to help people understand that Omar Mateen’s actions are not a reflection of Islam or practicing Muslims in anyway. I wish lastly uncover that Omar himself was most likely gay and he did not get the support he needed from his community, in some ways he too was a victim of his sexual repression and self hatred.
  6. The inciting incident is the reaction the to Orlando shooting.
  7. What will make this story strong is the honesty in the testimonies provided by the subjects.