Our Approach

Team name: SMJ 

Working Title: Not in our name 

What is your film about? 

This is the story of the LGBT Muslim living in an islamaphobic America in the wake of the Orlando Nightclub shooting. We explore the  perceptions of the Muslim and LGBT community and document the journey of those living in both worlds. 


Topic: The junction between islamaphobia and homophobia in America during the wake of the Orlando shooting.

Story: Documenting the LGBT Muslim(s) experience of living in a post-Orlando shooting, islamphobic America. 

Style: Simplisitc i.e.Spotlight (Directed by Tom McCarthy) 

Tone: Dramatic/ Serious 

Point of View: Focusing in on the LGBT Muslim community in America

Production Elements:

 A Roll: Interviews

B Roll: Friday Prayer at the local Mosque and The Castro in SF (Gay capital)

Some basic narration to glue the story together 



News Clips 

Mosque – B roll 

Castro – B Roll