The Next Step


Space Walker Productions

Kyle Shaddeau

Ryan Walker

Joe Wesson


This documentary focuses on the struggles, conflicts, and triumphs along a man’s journey across the country to pursue his career and conveys the message that if something isn’t making you happy in life then it is worth changing.

Intended Audience

For ages 16-25, or anyone who is still trying to figure out where they are going in life

Objective of Film

We want the audience to understand that deciding a career or life path isn’t just something you do when you finish High School, its a continuous process throughout your life.  If you’re willing to put forth the effort, you can always change your path towards one that will make you happier.  Sometimes this involves leaving your comfort zone, but in the long run it can improve your life.


We want to help tell the story of changing locations and leaving comfort zones with the score, as such we will rely more on music than the sounds of specific spaces – as everyone identifies with the sound of a space differently, but more often can identify with changes in music more consistently.


We’ll start out with asking people what they want to do with their lives, and what they want to pursue as a career.  We’ll then ask them what they would do if they got there, and changed their minds.  This is to represent the struggle that many people face when looking into career options; they start off with one idea, only to realize too late that it’s not right for them.  We will then focus on Ryan.  Ryan is frustrated.  The reason he’s frustrated is that he has just finished college and cannot see himself working in the fields he has degrees in.  We’ll attempt to show the struggle of figuring out where to move from here and follow this struggle up until the decision to go to Ex’pression and move to California.  This first part is meant to be a brief outline of the process of deciding a career path, a main motif of the story.  Using interview footage (or at least audio) from Ryan himself, we hope to expand on how he decided to pursue Motion Graphics, a major leap from the degrees he got.

From here we’ll focus more on his motivations and reasoning.  Moving across the country is no easy matter, and there were definitely road blocks.  Using footage from Ryan’s interview, we can explain what these roadblocks were and how he overcame them.  We’ll also try to show how encountering and overcoming these roadblocks affected his outlook on his decision.  We will use these obstacles to build dramatic tension here, as each of these roadblocks were not only pivotal to his decision to move, but also made Ryan question whether or not he made the right decision.  Some of these obstacles included: finding a school, getting into the school, paying for the school, budgeting to move, saying goodbye to loved ones, and making sure he could afford to live wherever he ended up.  We’ll also throughout this section include interview footage from other people that were affected by this decision, namely Ryan’s family and new roommate.

The last part of the story is meant to drive home the point that moving forward and moving on with your life and career is all about your outlook on the future.  In this last section we will discuss how Ryan is adjusting now that he’s here in California.  There are many differences between what he’s used to and where he is now, and there are new obstacles showing up all of the time.  We will share Ryan’s experiences since his move and how his decision to come to Ex’pression has affected his outlook moving forward.  Throughout this section, Ryan will talk about the pros and cons of moving, and how his experience thus far has helped shape his mindset when it comes to facing future challenges.