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Contact Info

See “contact-info” page (currently private)


Topic Development

Core Concept

This film is about the journey of Ryan Walker in his attempt to decide a career path and his decision to move across the country to pursue it.


Motivation, Career Path, Pursuit of Happiness

Film vs Topic

The topic of the piece is about moving across the country.  The film will be sharing the personal motivations behind it, the effects the decision had, and the personal struggle faced when moving across the country.

Group Opinions

Ryan – this story is about me, so I feel very emotionally involved with it. The most interesting thing I hope to share is about how my move brings me hope for my future.

Joe – The most interesting thing is how Ryan moved across the country to pursue what he wanted to do in life.

Kyle – I like a good story and this seems like a good story.  Storytelling is important in film, and if done right, we can tell this story well.


Bio-pic – using visuals to share the biographical information of a part of Ryan’s life


For information on our approach, please visit this page.


Group Knowledge


1. For conflict: are we focusing on specific conflicts or more general conflicts? how do the two relate to the story and how can we show that? – K



1.  Feeling based sort of topic – relates to the question regarding conflicts.  Physical conflicts, such as meeting someone or a physical relationship, vs emotional conflicts such as inner turmoil.


Group Skills

What skills does everyone have?

Ryan – Video Camera, Still Camera, Lighting, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Producer

Joe – Video Camera, Still Camera, Video Editing,

Kyle – Video Camera, Still Camera, Lighting, Video Editing, Motion Graphics (Vegas), Music

What would everyone like to do?

Ryan – Producer, Motion Graphics

Joe – Video Camera

Kyle – Directing/Producing, Lighting, Sound Editing


Roles & Responsibilities

Producer: Ryan

Cinematographer: Kyle/Joe

Sound: Kyle

Music/Score: Kyle/Ryan

Editor: Ryan/Joe/Kyle

Motion Graphics: Ryan

Animation: Ryan

Other: Everyone


Team Name & Logo

Team Name: Space Walker Productions

Logo Design Notes: Someone walking, spacey, planets (circle with walking man S+W somehow?)

Final Logo




Subjects: Ryan Walker, Adrian Farley, James Honey, Kyle Shaddeau, Teachers?  (people who have moved), Mom&Dad, Sister, Daamun Mohseni (Effected by the move), FIND PEOPLE WHO DON’T HAVE DIRECTION or PEOPLE WHO HAVE FOUND A DIRECTION TO PURSUE


Interview Topics (come up with 10+ questions for each)

Topic 1: Moving long distances

Topic 2: Being affected by someone moving away

Topic 3: Finding direction in life


Interview Questions



Calendar Link

Preparation and Research

Watch the Pursuit of Happiness should be inspiration – watch it.

The story is about Ryan – so, if you have questions about the story ask him.






Post Production

Motion Graphics ideas: tax foundation map, timeline

Use this to show:

1. Tax Foundation Map (link) – talk about the money issues. Money was a big deal, so use this graphic to really emphasize how big a deal it was.  Everyone has money problems, you have to make this motion graphic powerful enough to make them care more about Ryan’s money troubles than their own.


2.  Timeline – animating a timeline can really emphasize the passage of time and how relative time can be.  Since timing was rushed – make the audience feel the sense of rush that Ryan felt when he was preparing for the move.  You can also show the boredom and tedium Ryan felt before he decided to do motion graphics.  You can make that part of the timeline drag on


Workshop Feedback #1

See the post about the Rough Cut Critique here.


Music and Score

Ideally we want, uplifting – yet subtle.  We also want to change to some more somber music during some of the more emotional parts.  Check out our posts regarding audio ideas here and here.


Picture-Lock, Audio, and Post-Processing

  • B-roll is added
  • Animations are in
  • Sound is in
  • Score is in (levels may need slight adjustment)
  • Lower thirds are in (might be improved)
  • Story is 100% – waiting for final critique for any changes that might be necessary – but all changes from Rough Cut are in.
  • Color correction on off-colored clips – no overall colorization
  • Ending credits added, curious as to legibility on big screen, different monitors seem to play it differently