Ryan Walker

Me Jillians GraduationI’m a 24 year old guy that’s going to college a second time.  My first time I got a BS in Mathematics and a BS in Civil Engineering.   I didn’t like the jobs in those fields, they didn’t appeal to me as a career.  So now I’m back in school pursuing motion graphic design.  I’m hoping that this appeals to me, and so far it has.

While here at Ex’pression I hope to learn and possibly master the tools to share my creative vision with the world.  While I’ve always been able to express myself musically, I’ve always struggled with sharing the designs that cross my mind as they are complex and full of motion.  My background in mathematics has allowed me to visualize many complex ideas, and sharing these visualizations with the world is something I’m incredibly passionate about.

The field I’m entering is extremely diverse in its applications.  As best as I can describe, I would say that I create graphic designs, often with moving parts, that express the idea behind the project I’m working on.   I hope to expand my skills and create amazing works of UI design, short animations, great websites, and some cool special effects.

In my life experience so far, I’ve learned to appreciate that every step is just part of the journey.  I have changed and grown in the last two years, and in the next two I hope to grow and change just as much.  All I can say for certain that will always stay the same is that I am me.


Joe Wesson


cosmicsparkle96_2014-07-28_16-50-08Hi there, they call me Joseph Wesson. I hail from the Napa Valley and I came to Ex’pressions to learn the ways of being a filmmaker inside and out. I’ve always had this fascination with movies ever since I was a young boy. One of my favorite movies growing up, albeit a odd choice for a young kid was Titanic. I’m not entirely sure as to why I enjoyed this movie when I was young, but as I got older, I began to appreciate just how much work went into this monumental movie.

There are many things that drive me creatively, most of these include, watching movies, looking at pictures or paintings, music, and a lot more, In a way my creativity sparks at times when it needs to. In terms of what I want to be doing ten years from now, I hope start up my own independent production company that will mostly be working in short films, online series’ and occasionally full length indie movies that I will hope to premiere at film festivals.

My biggest influences include my friends, my family, and some of my favorite filmmakers such as, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, and Mel Brooks just to name a few. What I create usually consists of video reviews of movies, tv shows, etc. Photo narratives that tell a unique story, and slideshows that reflect on whatever i’m feeling. And now you know a little bit about me what I am doing.



Kyle Shaddeau 11998813_1123865794308014_32575496359839142_n

I’m 23 and was born in the city of Oakland. I have lived in the vast desert of New Mexico and resided in the wooded depths of the Sierra Mountains but now I’m back in the bay. I’ve been filming for long enough to know that I love it, so I decided to sign up at Ex’pressions College for Digital Arts in Emeryville California to nab myself a bachelors’ degree and make it legit. I’m relatively new to the area, broke, live in a dark apartment with a strange Korean man who never leaves his room, have no job and get lost frequently. Despite it’s hassles, life is good. I plan on a bright future full of filming the things I love.