Rough Cut Critique

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Lmw2 Session 8 Rough Cut notes
More b-roll to cover the cuts
Less stock footage
Less talking heads
Hard to hear,
Less Daamun describing living with him 1st thing to cut
Color correction for overall
Work on building the story, make it more dramatic
More roller coaster
Moving to Cali is the valley
Music – big decision going off a cliff
Right before move is low point. Max stress
After getting to Cali , slow build rocky start
Cut out a bit more history
Childhood pictures
Fake cad
Cut to not liking math engineering within 30sec-1 min
Time lapse of tedium
Far shot of someone standing still in a busy place = lost feeling
“Think about how you want to be happy” -> “I wasn’t happy” (more dramatic)
The decision to do mgd and go to expression – tipping point into valley
The money stress
The worry of failure
Loans approved (suddenness) moving to Cali, having to say goodbye – lowest point
Get to Cali – no money, no car, 1 friend, rough patch with friend
I got a car
I started school
I met new friends
Things got better with my roommate
Loving the school work
Clear goals for the first time stoked for the future
Music talk to James