Introduction and Conclusion

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How to Begin and How to End

This post is all about developing the introduction and conclusion of our documentary


Our intro will be entirely focussed on leading up to the hook.  The most powerful moment leading up to our inciting incident was the realization that Ryan had, that everything he’d done so far regarding his future and career was all for naught.  We want to lead up to this realization by asking people “What did you want to be when you grew up?” and then lead into the question “What would you do if you got there, and realized it’s not what you wanted?”  This is exactly what happened to Ryan and is a feeling that many people can identify with.  When you’re young you have these dreams and ambitions, and when you grow up – you tend to end up on a different path due to circumstance and chance.  Those that do pursue their dreams sometimes end up reaching them and realize that it’s not exactly the promised land.  We want to show this on screen in about 30 seconds.  We anticipate that the interview footage asking people what they wanted to be when they grew up to take between 10 and 15 seconds, and then move into Ryan sharing his realization that he reached his goals only to realize they weren’t what was expected.



Ending is always the hardest.  We want to share the uplifting and motivated feelings that Ryan has now that he has come to California, but we also must share the story aspects.  We will probably achieve this by using footage from Ryan’s roommate and best friend, Daamun.  Daamun is a prime example of one possible future for Ryan, and looking towards the future is definitely the direction we want to show in our conclusion.  A key point in the ending will be powerful score.  We want to evoke an uplifting emotional response from the audience and the best way to do this in the ending will be the score.