Final Critique

Critiques from our pre screenig

Interviews couldn’t were not understandable

50’s model and Vicky’s mom couldn’t understand

Add in and out a little later


Audio problems lower music

City college shot zoom in on what someone is wearing

Vicky doesn’t talk much about industry, address misconceptions, didn’t empathize with her- Francis

Beginning was focusing on negative

Music was too loud

Check where music cuts out, cut it out earlier

Fade out after montage

Cut out golden gate part?

Ending change to specific dates

Washing machine part cut shorter

Laundry to long

When she says here, put shot of bridge

Why did she peruse modeling here? Is she going to be more successful here?

Sense of structure

A bit light, entering tonight bit

Promotional piece for her

Great to see what people in the industry / agent to critique her

More info about her view on real modeling industry

First person on street is more of a joke, more minimal

Put vapid guy for the first person interview

Montage of industry

Showing not how true the industry is

Sweeping clip is favored transitions are a little to fast

Slow down

Humor, change of direction

Variety in music

Pace it

Main thing: points about the modeling industry has some messed up stuff, don’t avoid those things

When I ask the question then have her avoiding the question

Get opinion from agent

Self market yourself- nitty gritty stuff, what does she do to prepare for a show

Why does she want to be a model?

More sense of what she’s up against

Change title

Logo coming into title- what does it show? Explain?


First Critique

Here are the First Critique notes.


Critique on- Behind The Catwalk rough cut




Camera work was good


Core concept:


Facts are good


Missing the connection from her modeling to how she feels. Vicky separated from the facts. Tell them her facts


Have some of the facts earlier on


Add how Vicky personally feels about the industry


Good intro, then don’t see how her story goes.


Maybe add an epilogue


Story about grandmother, get a pic of her when she was younger


What brought her into fashion, how she got into it


Tie info about industry to Vicky


Reshoot and ask the same questions for the better audio


Help the viewer with the perspective with the statistics with Vicky’s statistics


Bring it all back to her story


Offers lots of opinions




Acknowledging the statistics


Vicky- hers what I’m hoping to get out of my career- what I will be doing in 10 years


Spoken word


Average women height and weight- ABC, check around. The medium


Title safe for the text


Jerry- want to know more about Vicky


Take the off the street interviews and put them all in the beginning


Won’t believe that there are struggles


World of modeling into then have everything point to her. Ends have something she’s saying about the world of modeling


Hit on her story more to get stronger and stronger


Tomorrow- good audio, her open up about her life. Find out more about her grandma


Family history, get her on film of her doing other things besides modeling


Ex. Cooking breakfast


Good pic of the older model



Interview Questions

On the Street Interviews:

What is the first thing that comes to your mind about American modeling?

What are some stereotypes about modeling?

Do you think models have to be smart?

Vicky Interview

What got you into modeling?

Why did you choose this career?

Who are some of your favorite models?

What model, if any, do you see as an inspiration to you?

Is it hard balancing school and modeling?

How do you deal with your flaws?

Vicky’s Mom Interview

What did you want your daughter to be originally?

How do you feel about your daughter modeling?

Are you worried about the negative side of modeling such as eating disorders and what not?

What do you do to be sure that your daughter doesn’t fall into these bad habits?

How important is it that she is receiving an education and pursuing modeling?

Are you proud of the progress that she has made and the hard work?

In the Beginning… and the End

The beginning to our movie will be various interviews with people as they tell us their opinions on modeling.  As we expected many of these people had negative things to say about the profession.  It sets the stage for what models are up against in this world and is a nice way to introduce our model Vicky as we show her eating a burger with an interviewee claiming all models starve themselves.

We will end the film with wise and inspiring words from a former model we interviewed.  She tells how it is a beautiful career which leads to many great opportunities.  Along with the former model, Vicky’s mom offers words of encouragement for her daughter.  Finally, there will be an epilogue of what Vicky is doing as of the end of our editing.  We know she has a show coming up that is out of our timeline for shooting so that will be included.

Our Approach

Our approach to this film will be appealing visuals with elegantly composed shots coupled with uplifting music.  Beautiful shots of the city where the story takes place will meet our character in her day to day life in its heart.  Music will be ambient with acoustic instruments painting a picture of introverted calmness with a hint of excitement.  We as filmmakers will be stay as far in the background as possible and try to capture things as they unfold; a pure look into the model’s life.