Project Proposal


  • CORE CONCEPT: Bees are incredibly important to agriculture and farming. They should be admired and respected, not feared.
  • ACCESS: There are plenty of bee farms around the Bay Area and close by to where I am. I can ask around amongst them and see if they would be all right with me documenting them.
  • STORY: Many beekeeping farms/Orchards are family owned. They are more than willing to tell people all about their bees and spread positive information on beekeeping.
  • PEOPLE: I met a man who did beekeeping over summer, so I will try to get in contact with him and the woman he worked with. Also, the Bee Healthy Bee Farm is where I will try to film and interview most of my video.
  • WHERE: Bee Healthy Bee Farm is the heart of my project because they seem to be the nearest/only bee farm around the Bay Area.
  • WHAT: Beekeeping and the incredibly important roll bees play in our every-day life.
  • When: Bees and honey have featured extensively in culture and mythology throughout history. Cave drawings found in Spain dated around 6000 BC depict honey gatherers climbing trees to harvest honey from wild bees. Honey was held in such high regard that it was presented as an offering to the Gods as ambrosia. The medicinal properties of honey were well known and it was used as an antiseptic and preservative. Honey was also included as an ingredient in creams, lotions and alcoholic drinks. Wax and honey were used in the mummification process and jars containing honey have been found in Egyptian pyramids. ( via )
  • AUDIENCE: There are many people who fear bees or hate bees, and I’m specifically going to aim at the to see if I can get them to appreciate bees.
  • HOW: Weather might be an issue, but hopefully I’ll be able to schedule a good point in time to visit the beekeeping store.
  • WHY: I personally love bees, and I want people to see why. They are amazing creatures, and if they disappear then we might too.