Final Crit. Notes

Final Details for Final Documentary


– Shorter Hive Intro

– Graphics for iNTRO

– Change font for Rule of Thirds / Title Card

– Less Pan in / Ken Burns in stills

– Background Music replacement to fit the tone

– Fix Audio / Mite Explanation

– Personal Info, His life as a Beekeeper!

– VO levels / Redo so it has more feelings.

– Color correction Vibrant.

– B-roll for later even out B-roll 

– Overview in the beginning, talk about what they exactly do. Make the problem more out front and less bland.( More impactiful ) Make it more informational. 

– Expand it so what you can learn. WHY is it important? 

– Half way through. What is at stake? Introduce the Beekeeper's view. How important Bee's are.

Rough Cut Notes

Rough Cut Notes

– Include B-roll / personal / nature.

– Start with facts and more info into the story, Make it local!

– Tell what the global issues are, take baby steps into family business…

– Taking bees out of the wild and placing them into his own hives.

– Focus on Story issues and shop history.