About Us


My name is Rachel Isaak and I'm in the Animation and Visual Effects program. I always find inspiration through nature and other artists, such as renasans and contemporary oil paintings. A family friend introduced me to Ex'pressions and I fell in love with the school. I hope to inspire others with my art and to create something to change the world some day through animation. 


Mitch Face

I am Ellis Mitchell Thompson, but I go by Mitch. I chose this path as opposed to another one because I figured that expression would be a different experience from a normal state university with 5,000+ people.Ten years from now I hope to be making high quality music for movies and video games, and general composing, But I am also interested aspects of film and I could see myself in this industry as well. My biggest influences at the time of writing this are game composers like FamilyJules7x and Jake Kaufman as well as Hip hop and R&B Artists.I create music and videos some are featured on my sound cloud and Vimeo pages, but I will post more in the future.



My name is Tiffany Ruaro, I am an animation and visual effects student at Expression college. I am currently a beginning free lance artist, working on my style and my artistic talent. Ten years from now I would like to be a very developed professional artist with experience from one or more of the famous animation companies of my time. The biggest influences upon my career so far, are profressional freelance artist that I see on the web. Their beautiful work and how they are able to creatively develop give me great inspiration and influence my artwork today.

My name is Joseph Portillo, I am here to study in the game art and design program after it was recommended to come to ex'pression by my family. My creativity is driven by my urge to tell a story that others find meaningful and can affect their lives positively, I've always wanted to inspire others to be creative themselves, or can just help them through their daily lives. Ten years from now I would to be working either in paleoart or concept design for games and living in my own home. My biggest influence comes from old animated movies, like the iron giant and atlantis the lost empire. Another inspiration is the new games that are revolutionizing story telling such as the last of us and undertale. What I create now are drawings and designs of characters and I occasionally do a bit of writing involvling the characters I've created.


My name is Nghi Le. I'm originally from Vietnam. I came to the U.S 4 years go. I have always had a dream that is to become an animator and create lots of anime. Yes, I'm Asian and I've grown up with Anime. What drives me the most is probably Anime. It's one of the reasons why I wanted to become an animator