Core Concept

  • The narrative spine of our piece would be bees, beekeeping and the decline of bees. 
  • Our main characters are the owners of the bee healthy honey shop, our footage plans are to also have them interacting and working with the bees, also footage of the shop and other bee keepers working.
  • Conflict is driving our story by going through to struggles of the bee healthy honey shop as they grow and learn more about taking care of bees and the new problems arise such as mites, beetles and GMOs.
  • The change we would like to unfold in our piece would be the devolopments and growth that bee keeping is going through. The new found public respect for bees and beekeeping and the improvements there have been in caring for and raising bees as well as harvesting honey.
  • Our inciting incident is going from the shop history and a little of what our main character does to the fact that bees are dying.
  • Our point of entry would be in the past going over the family's bee keeping history and working our way up to the present, resolving/ coming close to resolving the isse.
  • The issues we forsee with making our piece visually strong would be getting all the possible information and footage we'd need to set our story apart.

One thought on “Core Concept

  1. I like how your text is broken down into paragraphs. Makes me as a reader perceive that its a lot less information to tackle. Also the way that you get straight to the point about what its all about with not too much information. Good work.

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