Interview Questions

– What do you think of bees?

– Do you like or dislike bees, and why?

– Why do you think so many people dislike bees?

– Do you think we'd all be better off without bees?

– What are three things you know about bees?

– When someone says "bees" what is your first thought?

– Would you ever consider keeping bees?

– What is important about bees/ keeping bees?

– What is your favorite thing about bees?

– Why do/ would you keep bees?





Narration Script

Why should you care about bees? How do they effect your life anyways? I hope by the end of this, I can answer that for you.

Beekeeping can not only benifit you and your family, but can positiviley effect your community. Bees polinate 80% of our plants and agriculture, providing healthy and flurishing crops. Pollination is only the tip of the iceburg for these facinating insects, though. Honey has been used for millenia in many different ways. While honey is an aniseptic, it has been used by the early Egyptians for embalming fluid and a dressing for wounds. Today, honey is commonly used for it's anti-flammatory and antibacterial properties. Now BEESWAX! Don't even get me started! Beeswax is very commonly used in lotions and lip balms for it's incredible anti-flamatory and antibacterial properties (like honey). These natural items bees create are an incredible benifit for humanity. There are over 6,000 businesses run from keeping bees and selling their products. 

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