About Me (Media)

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I find inspiration through nature and simple things. I enjoy modeling for my friends as well as taking my own pictures, and of course, showing beauty through images.


Below is a portrait of my friend I drew for him. 

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Some street art my friend and I found in San Francisco shown below. This mural is so detailed and inspiring, it's what I aspire to do with my art. 

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About Me

My name is Rachel Isaak and I'm in the Animation and Visual Effects program. A family friend told me about Ex'pression and when I came here to visit, I fell in love. The ability to make others think or to improve someone's day has always driven me as an artist. Making people expand their thinking with my art makes e feel like I'm making some difference by being here. In ten years, I hope to be somewhere creating things that people find beautiful and inspiring. I hope to be happy with myself and with what I do. 

My biggest influences have been through nature. Anything that inspires me or makes me want to draw I save or bookmark for future reference as well. Photography is a very important part in my life as well as my other traditional art. I draw, paint, write and sculpt as much as my heart desires. I love working with my hands, and each piece I make is a little bit of me.