Final Crit. Notes

Final Details for Final Documentary


– Shorter Hive Intro

– Graphics for iNTRO

– Change font for Rule of Thirds / Title Card

– Less Pan in / Ken Burns in stills

– Background Music replacement to fit the tone

– Fix Audio / Mite Explanation

– Personal Info, His life as a Beekeeper!

– VO levels / Redo so it has more feelings.

– Color correction Vibrant.

– B-roll for later even out B-roll 

– Overview in the beginning, talk about what they exactly do. Make the problem more out front and less bland.( More impactiful ) Make it more informational. 

– Expand it so what you can learn. WHY is it important? 

– Half way through. What is at stake? Introduce the Beekeeper's view. How important Bee's are.

Rough Cut Notes

Rough Cut Notes

– Include B-roll / personal / nature.

– Start with facts and more info into the story, Make it local!

– Tell what the global issues are, take baby steps into family business…

– Taking bees out of the wild and placing them into his own hives.

– Focus on Story issues and shop history.

Core Concept

  • The narrative spine of our piece would be bees, beekeeping and the decline of bees. 
  • Our main characters are the owners of the bee healthy honey shop, our footage plans are to also have them interacting and working with the bees, also footage of the shop and other bee keepers working.
  • Conflict is driving our story by going through to struggles of the bee healthy honey shop as they grow and learn more about taking care of bees and the new problems arise such as mites, beetles and GMOs.
  • The change we would like to unfold in our piece would be the devolopments and growth that bee keeping is going through. The new found public respect for bees and beekeeping and the improvements there have been in caring for and raising bees as well as harvesting honey.
  • Our inciting incident is going from the shop history and a little of what our main character does to the fact that bees are dying.
  • Our point of entry would be in the past going over the family's bee keeping history and working our way up to the present, resolving/ coming close to resolving the isse.
  • The issues we forsee with making our piece visually strong would be getting all the possible information and footage we'd need to set our story apart.

Interview Questions

  • What kind of impact has beekeeping had on you and your family?
  • How has working as a family affected your business?
  • Why did beekeeping interest you and your family?
  • Have you seen a change in this community after you established your shop here?
  • What has kept your business successful for all these years?
  • What do you think about the declining bee population, and what do you think we could do about it?
  • What kind of problems have you had, if any, with the general care of the bees?
  • How has GMO and global warming impacted your business in any way?
  • What current developments and/or difficulties has your shop been going through?
  •  What plans do you have for the future of the business?
  • Proposal

     Heal The Hive

    Collaborators : "The Hive" ft. Rachel Isaak, Mitch Thompson, Joseph Portillo, Tiffany Ruaro, Nghi Le

    Overview : The story of family that runs Bee Healthy Honey Shop

    Audience : This will interest younger people who are concerned with the enviornment and want to help. 

    Objective : We want the audience to take away a higher respect for bees and beekeeping, maybe even a drive to keep bees in the future. 

    Audio : We will hear light hearted, happy music with some live sound, along with the voices of the family behind the Bee Healthy Honey Shop.


     This film will begin with a time lapse of us walking up to the front of the shop. Because of all the hexagonal wood shelves and the golden colors of the shop, the imagery will have a very warm and almost homey feel to it. With all the honey jars and the products on the shelves, it will begin with a basic overview of the shop and the daily routine of the store owner. This will be accompanied by warm music and to set up more of the feel that this is a nice place and that bees are nothing to be afraid of. We will follow this up with an interview of the person behind the counter, asking them questions about the shop and their family history. During this interview, we will show photos of their family and possible footage as well. So we will stage a tour of them to lead us back and showing us their bees. We will talk about how they switched locations and how that impacted them. We will go over any difficulties They've been having with their bees, whether it be GMO, swarming or anything of the sort. Any other environmental issues in the bay area or in general will be a big part of this documentary as well, showing that everything has impact on nature and beekeeping in general. Bees are a huge part of nature and unfortunately they are dying species. We will to do our best to alert the public about this issue, and show them why bees are so important along with give them a higher respect of the amazing creatures. We will talk about how the bees communicate with each other and make honey, hopefully giving a deeper insight to what goes on in the hive. Animation will be a good part of this section, giving us more control over how it appears and showing the process of their communication.


    Approach to our Documentary

    – Light-hearted and educational

    – Our POV, learning and distributing information and history of the Bee Healthy Honey Shop

    – Interviews of the family members and business 

    – Personal opinions from customers and the shop's beekeepers

    – Informational facts about bees and family history

    Interview Questions

    – What do you think of bees?

    – Do you like or dislike bees, and why?

    – Why do you think so many people dislike bees?

    – Do you think we'd all be better off without bees?

    – What are three things you know about bees?

    – When someone says "bees" what is your first thought?

    – Would you ever consider keeping bees?

    – What is important about bees/ keeping bees?

    – What is your favorite thing about bees?

    – Why do/ would you keep bees?