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Core Idea

The new generation and some talents in it, I have a good friend who is talented with breakdancing with his fingers. This is also called gloving and I have seen this talent around many people and I’ve seen how in different settings this really can affect people differently, I personally think it’s mesmerizing.


Im going to be watching/ doing my interview on various people I find in EDM clubs, anybody giving light shows really. My main focus is to catch the glovers or people who break dance with their fingers and love doing it. Im not just going to be talking to anybody with a few lights but people who are talented with moving those lights in a way they can catch someones eyes and mesmerize them.


The first place I’ve seen this was in the living room of my apartment, some music came on and the homie started making these moves with his fingers and the first thing that came to mind was breakdancing just with your fingers. I notice going to different EDM clubs and rave scenes have a lot of glovers and other light shows. A lot of times people are sat down at these clubs or shows and given individual light shows and that’s what makes it so mesmerizing. Last week at EPR which was an EDM event I got a light show and I would be lying if i said I wasn’t truly mesmerized.


This gloving can be used to gain the attention of others to entertain them or simply to entertain yourself. These finger movements go together and flow in a way that’s just like breakdancing and theres different ways to truly make this mesmerizing, LED gloves is one way that this can be done. The LED lights at the fingertips of the gloves catch your eyes when the dancer makes certain movements and you can see different shapes and signs they make with there fingers. The coolest thing about this is it can be learned by anyone but there are various styles and techniques that can prove to be a challenge. Something I notice about this art is because the scene it’s been brought up from it’s usually entertained by molly, ecstacy, and other party drugs.The drugs make the lights have more flow and seem brighter but at the same time in a dark room sober this art is just as interesting.


The gloving is said to have began in the underground rave scene and has been seen as an art and is progressively becoming more popular. This art can be seen most still in the underground rave scene and that’s where I noticed how this truly affects people and how interesting this art really is.


Im reaching out to the young adults in my generation, the ones I notice giving and receiving light shows. Although drugs like molly, ecstacy and other party drugs play a role in how people see these light shows, sober and straight minded doesn’t change how mesmerizing these light shows really are.


I plan on talking to people/interviewing, I know who do this, what influences them, and how it affects them. Also where they think this art can take them. I plan on going to different raves or EDM scenes where this art is practiced and seen.


I find this interesting because I have been to a few different EDM scenes and I have been mesmerized by LED lights and the movements. I’ve personally seen how it can take your mind away from any and everything else but the music playing and the show being given in front of you


I want to tell the viewers point of view of getting a light show and seeing how gloving is done. being mesmerized and seeing how others are sat down and mesmerized in the same way. Also getting into how gloving is becoming more of a mainstream art and the lives of some of the glovers.








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