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My name is Jordan Claiborne, an aspiring artist from Bel Air, Maryland I came to expression college in the bay area to learn any and everything I can about music. Music really is my passion although I don’t have the biggest musical background.  What drives me creatively is the people around me that I vibe with, just seeing people come up from not much and seeing their talent carry them into something great. I want to see how I can make music and how far it can take me. What I like to be doing 10 years from now is still in question but what I do know is I like to be doing something in the music industry. Seeing my cousin make it living out his dreams and becoming a musician. Seeing how that changes his lifestyle for the better and other big musicians and also my family. For now I create little beats on logic pro but eventually I’ll be making full songs and real music for artist and the public for whoever is listening.


My name is Haleigh Nicole Logue, I am 23 years young and enrolled in the Animation & Visual Effects program at Ex’pression College. I am currently going to school full-time and working full-time as a co-manager of Massage Envy Spa.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” -Hans Christian Andersen. In the darkest times where I couldn’t speak or express how I feel, I would just pick up my guitar along with a piece of paper, write it all down and sing my soul out. My dad was a big fan of BB King subsequently I grew up loving and admiring music. That bluesy groove always reflected the sound of my voice and kept me more eager to chase my dream. Although I had to go back to Egypt as it’s my dad’s hometown, I never stopped pursuing my holy grail. By time, I started to realize that music is the answer to everything; I became aware of the fact that it’s all what I want to be doing in life. My music degree will help me become the vocal performer and the sound designer I always dreamed of. I want to be standing there, surrounded by a lot of people who seek happiness; I want to give them that, share the happiness, share my music, and give each other the strength and the power to be happy. In my junior year studying music technology at the American University in Cairo, I was given the chance to perform live in a charity concert only to be amazed by the crowd singing my lyrics; a song me and my partner wrote for our mix-tape that year. Moreover, my experience at Ex’pression College will help me get deeper into my career as a music producer, o-BB-KING-facebook-1024x512not only will it expand my production skills it will also enhance my ear to combine traditional musical instruments, improve my song-writing and recording techniques while emphasizing on my post-production capabilities, and mixing & mastering dilemmas. Upon my graduation, I plan on starting my career by working at a studio to gain experience and income in order to build my future studio and create my own record label. I want to put what I learned into something productive. In other words, I want to go on tours where I can set up my own sound, perform live and make money for charity as well. Six years ago I started working with pro-tools, after I successfully purchased a bluebird microphone and an Avid certified sound card. However, streaming through YouTube alongside attending classes at the university taught me how to come up with my own sound and production. After two years of hard work, during the winter break my partner and I decided to start working on our first mixtape, this was very challenging since we had to finish a set of ten songs in 45 days. Therefore, we had to work our fingers to the bone. Thankfully, our mix tape came out on time and it finally began to bear fruit. Recently I dove deep into another side of consciousness which helped clear my mind, body and soul. Meditation taught me all about breathing patterns which influenced my feel while singing. It also made me change my perception, and brought peace into all what I object. In addition to improving the way I deal with life situations and hard circumstances. Throughout my life, I’ve never loved anything more than my guitar; it’s an extension of me. As long as I’m strumming those strings, I’m at peace. hopefully i want to work with groups to create new sounds, enjoy successful moments and make a difference.



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