Story Structure

The Culture Of Gloving

Were going to be following glovers and the gloving audience

To get the footage we plan on going to different rave events or spots where gloving is normal

The common misconception of gloving is people seeing it as something only entertaining when your on drugs

Gloving culture blew up in the past few years, going from tutting and hand dancing, to gloving with the LED lights

An issue we might have is getting good lighting and sound while in the club

We want to talk about gloving and how it’s impacting people’s lives

What they thought about it in the beginning and once they learn more and experience it what new perspective do they have on it

The Pitch

When you hear talent what is the first thing that comes to mind, probably something like singing, dancing, or athletics. Something I recently got into and wanted to enlighten you about is gloving. It’s like breakdancing with your fingers and in the right scene with the right materials this talent can truly be mesmerizing. ¬†Through my website I want to show you a little something about this talent what brings people to do it.