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Employment of Dancers


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About the Project

What is a circuit dancers life? What struggles do they go through for dance? Circuit dancers spend a lot of time and money to dance. They spend countless hours training and preparing for their next show or competition.

Each dancer on a team has their own story. Why they chose dance? How does dance benefit them? What keeps them dancing. Practices take a lot of time out of a persons life. They can go on from 2-3 times a week to 5 hour practices everyday. Dancing on a circuit team isn’t cheap. Monthly dues can cost from $40 to the high $100’s. It’s hard to find a balance with dance especially with school, work and personal time. When I was in the circuit dance scene, dancing was my life. All the late night practices and many performances took a toll on my life. I wasn’t able to focus in school I had to constantly spend money either for dues, registration and outfits, but it was worth it. Performing in front of hundreds of people felt amazing. But I had to stop, I had to focus more in school. Dance had to turn from my life to one of my hobbies.

Throughout the year there are many competitions that teams get ready for. For example, Body Rock ’13, one of the biggest competitions in circuit dance is next month and later in the year there’s Fusion, Vibe, World of Dance, Ultimate Brawl, all these shows are competitions that circuit teams prepare for. In preparing for these shows they will be putting n more hours to make sure they perfect their craft.

This project will follow these circuit dancers and how they are able to do what they do. It will show how they maintain a balance with dance with the rest of their lives and the stress of practices and preparing for shows. All the hard work put into the teams does pay off. It shows in the competitions. It’s not just about the dancers, it’s about the audience as well. In these competitions there’s hundreds if not thousands of people watching. The dancers are there to compete but also to put on a great show. Everyone loves dancing and if some people don’t this project will make people like it. This project will show the behind the scenes of the entertainers and why they keep performing for us as the audience.

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My name is Chris Rayray and I am currently studying Game Art & Design at Expression College. I’ve always wanted to be a part the game industry and Expression can help me get there. In the future I hope to work for Square, Naughty Dogs or Marvel and then eventually have my own company. I like drawing concepts and random things in my head so I might get more into concept art.


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