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Intro and Conclusion


Introduction will be questions asked to random people “what describes Heidi?” After that we will have Heidi talk about how she always wanted to be a librarian since she was a kid. Heidi will then talk about how she got from Florida to California.



What happens after Ex’pression? Is there anything else after being a librarian at this school. Ask her about any memories she had at this school.

Interview Questions

Here are some of the interview questions that have been used in the documentary. Some of them are formal and some are just casual. Questions were made formed by Quincy Calloway, Lance Gegner, David Stull, and Michael Zumot.

– How did you decide you wanted to be a librarian?

– What kinds of things have you done for the students that have come to you for help?

– What’s one of the more interesting things that’s happened in the library since you’ve been at Ex’pression?

– We see your dog around sometimes, tell us about him/her!

– What brought you to Ex’pression College?

– With the different majors at Ex’pression, do you see yourself helping out a particular student over the others?

– What do you find to be the most gratifying moment in your day?

– Is there a situation where you were helping a student and you learned something new?

– Are there any techniques you do to organize your work or are you better working messy?

– How many times do a clock’s hands overlap in a day?

– If you had to interview someone for your position, what characteristics would you be looking for?

– Is there anything you enjoy doing outside reading or your profession?

– How many tattoos do you have?

– Are there any school subjects that you disliked?

Documentary Approach

The Approaches my group will use for the documentary are Expository and Observation. The Expository approach will be a voice over from Quincy, Lance, Mike, and David, Heidi and some the Library Assistants. The Observation Approach will be footage of Heidi just being Heidi.

Questions for Pitch Piece

Questions for Interview Pitch

  •  What motivates you in regards to being a librarian?
  •  Do you have any philosophical quotes that you go by?
  •  What do find most enjoyable about working in the library?
  •  Did you always like helping people?
  •  Do you think that your personality is what makes the library such an inviting and interesting place?
  •  Are there any or were there any problems you have faced the first time you worked in the library?
  • What do you do in your spare time ?

These are some of the few questions I will ask for the pitch trailer. I will update the list as the project progresses.