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Quincy Calloway

Role: Director, Editor

I’m interested in this project because I want to see how Heidi works in the library and how other students think about her. Her natural personality and how she enjoys helping other people.

Lance Gegner

Role: Lighting, Cameraman

I don’t normally go to libraries but Heidi is probably the coolest librarian I’ve ever met. Heidi is a very interesting librarian and she goes out of her way to help the students of Ex’Pression.

David Stull


Role:Editor, Cameraman

Hello, my name is David Stull. I am an AVE student and look forward to creating characters in my future.  I am interested in this project because throughout my education I’m not the usual library goer but when I started here and met Heidi in the library, her helpful and inviting personality brings more and more people into the library.


Michael Zumot

mike hellur

Role: Sound Editing

I am an artist; therefore I am freely who I am. I am a Sound Arts student looking to grow. The Ex’pression Library is home to vast knowledge and great people. Not only is Heidi a great librarian, but also a solid leader to the student workforce. I cant wait to find out the system that is Wintzen.

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