Project Proposal

Title: Heidiology

Collaborators: The Winnebago Men ( Quincy Calloway, Lance Gegner, David Stull, Mike Zumot)


Observing what Heidi does as a librarian at Ex’pression and how she affects students and faculty.


Intended Audience

18-50 age range, for people who want to learn more about Heidi.

Objective of Film

People have a better understanding of what Heidi does in the library. Who is she as a person and what makes her a successful librarian.


Library ambient sound, Ambient, Jazz, Classical, Library Ambient Sound, Voice Overs, Dialogue


The documentary will have shots from the library with the music of jazz or nonvocal to compliment the visuals. The viewer will be introduced to Heidi the librarian and the main character of the documentary. We will introduced Heidi with her answering why she wanted to become a librarian, how she got to Ex’pression and other introductory questions.

While Heidi is talking about how she got to Ex’pression there will be an animation with a cartoon of Heidi showing  how she got to California. After the introduction questions there will be from students and faculty about what that think about Heidi and how she handles the Library and what she does differently. After that the viewer will see Heidi talking about what she thinks about when it comes to being a librarian.


The Documentary will have natural humor from Heidi as she answers the interview questions that will asked to her. There will be no forced humor or skits. There will be an animation when Heidi talks about the five laws of Library Science and in some of her interview answers if need be. We will use the library’s natural lighting and light kits ,provided by the school, to make the library a more


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