HeidiHeidi (Librarian) ¬† Heidi is Ex’pression’s Head Librarian and who will be in the documentary. Heidi graduated from San Jose State University with a Masters in Library Information and Science in May 2005 and she started working at Ex’pression in December 2005.She is helpful, likes to find info, and helping people.

I asked a couple of questions to Heidi to get to know why she enjoyed being a librarian and any problems she had while working here.

Did you always like helping people?

I’ve always been a friendly, helpful person. Prior to getting my Master’s degree, I worked for over ten years in all different kinds of bookstores. While getting my undergraduate degree, I worked in a ¬†used bookstore not far from the campus at University of South Florida in Tampa. Afterwards, I worked at a chain bookstore in a mall underneath the Pentagon in Arlington,VA. Then I worked at the wonderful Politics and Prose in Washington, D.C where I got to meet many well-known authors. When I left D.C., I worked at a textbook store for a while. Then another chain store which aided me in my move to California. It was around the time that decided to go to retail. The fabulous difference between bookstores and libraries is that libraries enable me to give things away rather than selling them.


Do you think that your personality is what makes the library such an inviting and interesting place?

Thanks! I try to make the library a comfortable place wherein students, staff, and faculty can come in and feel relaxed to study, converse, and ask questions. I also try to hire people who are not too shy, too introverted, or unaware of how to assist people.


Are there any or were there any problems you have faced the first time you worked in the library?

When I first started working here I encountered a difficult coworker who made working in the library a challenge. He was exceedingly dry and unpleasant and made everyone uncomfortable. He was also my boss even though he worked part time and I worked full time. This changed when I got a manager who was able to see the situation for what it was and got rid of the unpleasant librarian.

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