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This documentary is about the people who work in the library and how they effect the library as a place for resources for the students. The documentary shows Heidi and the library assistants who work at the library. I will interview and the assistants on what they think about the library’s interesting qualities and traits that make it an excellent place to get books, help with assignments, and a quiet place to get work done.

The Ex’pression school library is a valuable resource that should not be overlooked. The goal of this documentary is to show that the Ex’pression school library is a resource that should not be left out.



People that will be in the Documentary 


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  1. Your project will come to life if Heidi is willing to be a character in the piece and help tell one story about the library. For example, what issue is Heidi concerned about? What is the thing that makes her library unique? The project will benefit — and your life will become easier — when you have an interesting story driving the piece.

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