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Erika Porter



Currently an Student at Expression with a major in Sounds Art, I have the love for music growing up in the church playing the drums an transitioning to playing in the school band and performing original material at different venues has helped me develop a love for music. When it comes to creativity I use a plethora of things from sitting outside listening to the sounds to going to different churches to practice different styles. Music is a relay of my emotions, whether I express it through instruments or on the stage rapping. Music is what you make i not how you make it.



YDP Performing at Oakland Pride
YDP Performing at Oakland Pride

Jai Mohan

80’s/90’s baby and queer diasporic Tamil artist born in the Bay Area.  I enjoy making music and ranting about social justice. I’m a vocalist first I can do lots of things.


Tony Pacheco

Born May 30th 1996 in the bay area, I am a dancer that edits and uploads my work to youtube. I also enjoy going to raves and hiking out to great views to take pictures


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