Rough Cut Reviews


Well done rough cut. The music fits nicely, once the interviews are there and the story structure is a bit more clear it’ll be a really solid piece.


Coal Minds:

Good use of interview footage. More live footage would be awesome and showcase the band’s music a bit more. In general its a good rough cut and makes for a good final piece.


Family Tics:

Good story and good interview footage. Could’ve used other footage aside from interviews though. Try and go more in depth into the story. Good quality rough cut.


Phantom Cow:

10/10. Very good use of black and white. On point narration. Didn’t feel like a rough cut at all.


Forging Ahead:

Good use of text. Audio in the beginning could use some work. Add some more footage. The music in the end fits well. Well done rough cut.


Jimmy Lyons:

Really good use of archival footage. Good style to it. Add some more interview footage maybe. Well done rough cut.

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