Project Proposal


Turfing: The Turfer Girl Story


Erika Porter, Jai Mohan, Anthony Pacheco, Casey Benz


This documentary is about the East Bay Turfing scene, focusing specifically on Jasmine, AKA Turfer Girl


Any person interested by the phenomenon of street dance culture.


We want audiences to walk away with a new awareness of this particular aspect of local culture.  We want people to be reminded of the beauty that can come from the street.  We are also excited to plug our friend and help her shine.


Interview dialogue, original music, battle venue sounds, maybe some dramatic SFX



In Turfing: The TurferGirl Story you will see the story of TurferGirl (Jasmine Haynes) and the Turfing Scene.  The film will open with footage of TurferGirl dancing at battles (competitions) against other dancers, with a voice over of her introducing herself and Turfing to the us.  There will also be music that she composed and performed.  Then the feel of the film will quiet down and become more intimate as we focus more on interviews with TurferGirl and other dancers, like Johnny5 and Zeus, where they will talk more in-depth about the scene than their own stories.  More dance footage cut in throughout.

The main body of the film will be about TurferGirl’s next battle and her preparation for it.  There will be footage of interviews and her practice, and then we will see the battle itself, as well as interviews conducted at the battle.   The intent is to share the energy and the joyous competitive spirit of

the conclusion will include the history of turfing with some of the people who helped establish turfing as a dance of it on.


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