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Turfer Girl Interview

Question: What made you start Turfing?

Turfer Girl: I just wanted to know how to dance really I tried a whole bunch of different styles but I saw a few of my friends gigging and I just wanted to try it out I was pretty good at it so it stuck to me

Question: What Do You Like about Turfing?

Turfer Girl: I like the swag in Turfing I love how you can pop, you can, wave you can glide you can tut it’s a mixture of everything

Question: How is it being a female turfer?

Turfer Girl: There were always other girls Turfing then over time as of right now I am the only one it’s alright I just dance with the men. Sometimes it’s harder as a female turfer sometimes they don’t take you seriously they might give you a less amount of time you just have to work hard and earn your place

Question: What is your biggest accomplishment?

Turfer Girl: My Biggest accomplishment would be winning my own Turfe Girl Barbie doll in a dance competition called true beauty

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