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Building Future

The role the youth play is vital. We have to show them their importance by leading.


Kids, who are damage by their environment, find it hard changing. They create this relapse phase in the process. They don’t like being different from their influencers, and talking about new things. For example: They friends be athletes, or drug involved. They tend to glorify low life and no future. When they talk about band and poetry, they might get laughed at or looked at funny. This is what we tell them to expect in there growing stage.

What you make it

fftraaLife is about progression. Anthony on the left grew up in Vallejo, California. He understand the environment caused most of the direction; but, he want to make a postivitive change and effect at least one life. Andre on the right grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. He understand location determine the riseen star. Two Individual, who raise youth on the daily. They were trouble makers now they prevent trouble.

The Movement

In acceptance to growth, Individuals coming from different background will present itself early in the building process. Trouble youth attach to the vulnerable workers in hopes of opportunity. They are fragile.  We separate raising stars by simply creating paths. We noted that the family orientation will mattered and be handled through the character they present.

As cited in: Troubled Families Programme Success

Department for Communities and Local Government and The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP

Organization in certain form is easy to identify. People naturally gravitate to crowds. We run motion programs and still noise for the thinkers. We recommend sitting still and collecting your thoughts in a fashion that anybody can digest smoothly. Everything isn’t used through aggression. We run processes to see the stabality length of future members in our surrounding environment.

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Building and Maintaining Trust in a Community-Based Participatory Research Partnership


Artist Alert!

AA (Artist Alert) is a segment; a segment done here in UMPRESSIVE. As a brand, our goal is to promote and prompt talented up-and-coming artist. The platform is establish to give an outlet for the undiscovered world. Our first arist includes Phael. The energy brought a game changing wind to the world.

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