Team Qi-Gong

  • Paul Rhone
  • Peter Farr
  • Skyler Singh
  • Max Putney


This documentary is about how Qi-Gong and Chinese medicine can help people live healthier and better lives.


The intended audience is the average American, seeking a healthier lifestyle.


This documentary is designed so that the audience can have a rudimentary understanding of Qi-Gong, and feel inspired to start a healthy movement practice.


“Monopoly Money” by TAKE

Traditional Chinese Instrumentals

Segments from “Colors” by Utada Hikaru

Segments from “The Home of Dragons” by Yoko Shimomura


Qi-Gong – A Journey to Health and Well-Being

            Qi-Gong – A Journey to Health and Well-Being will be a ground-breaking documentary that will expose the artful health practice of Qi-Gong to an uninformed public.  The documentary will present a traditional practice that treats the body holistically on every level, and is necessary in this day and age.
The documentary starts with a rotating circular shot with David Wei doing walking Qi-Gong in a circle around the camera.  Ex’pression College logo then comes up in a black slate, which is followed by a separate black screen that says in association with.  The next screen is our production team animation, which types out the words “I AM” on a texturized paper with the animation of the same paper texture moving the cutout of David Wei’s Wudang master in China.

The film cuts to Paul Rhone who says “I was in so much pain”  *Thump Thump* (Heartbeat) “I tried everything” *Thump Thump* “Doctors, MRI’s and Xrays”   *Thump Thump* “Uppers, Downers and All-Arounders” *Thump Thump* “I tried everything and nothing worked, until I found, Qi-Gong.”  This sets this scene up almost as a mystery.  What does Paul have exactly?  The mystery entices the viewer and leads them on throughout the film to find out what Paul’s condition exactly is and how it’s helped by Qi-Gong.  As this is the first time the word Qi-Gong is mentioned we immediately transition into David Wei providing a definition of Qi-Gong.
We cut to David Wei doing Qi-Gong by the ocean with a beautiful shot of the bay bridge and golden gate.  David Wei is pushing his hands out and he pushes out the words “Qi-Gong” written on the screen.  As this footage is playing you hear David Wei begin to introduce what Qi-Gong is.  David Wei says, “Qi stands for Energy, Life-force; Gong means hard work, skill, and specifically hard work or skill acquired overtime.  So Qi-Gong is any lifelong cultivation.”
The film cuts to B-roll with an audio interview of Paul saying, “I’m Paul Rhone, and since starting my Qi-Gong Practice a few years ago, my health has improved dramatically.  I wasn’t always in good health though.  I had complications with my spine.” We have a frontal view camera interview of David Wei explaining about Qi gong and how it can help with any health complactions a person may have. Next, comes a still shot of Paul Rhone followed by the Qi gong exercise called the bird chest which is used to open up the lungs.

Paul has the actual MRI document of scoliosis, which we have added to the film to give it more validity. Paul explains about the medication he had to take and how none helped his pain at all followed by an X-ray picture of a random person with Scoliosis and shots of pain killers followed by Paul doing a reenactment of him doing pull ups.

We have Paul’s fiancé Kimberly Zanuta giving her perspective about how his pain affected his mood and personality. She also explains how she took action by forcing him to take Qi Gong. We have footage of Paul having acupuncture on his back, trying to release some tension and pain, followed by Dr. Kokko explain about the 8 branches of Chinese medication.

Next, comes some actual footage of mid shots, close ups and full shots of David Wei preforming Qi gong on 3rd street Oakland Ca. Then, we have David Wei at lake Merritt in Oakland Ca we have set up a interview and he’s answering all of our questions about Qi gong. We also have actual footage of Paul, Peter, Skyler at one of David Weis Qi Gong classes as he’s correcting us on Qi gong as we exercise with his class of students. Then we have David Wei explain about how Qi gong helps harmonize the body and we have B-Roll footage of this. We end with cut up shots of Paul exercising using Qi gong and a voice over of Paul explaining about how Qi gong has changed his life and what he thought Qi gong was about , but what he actually got from Qi gong in a spirtual way. The credits start and David Wei is preforming Qi gong and the music starts with really awesome shots of Qi Gong.



My 15 interview questions

Paul Rhone’s interview with David wei

1. What is QiGong

2. Where did Qigong derive from.

3. Is Qigong simple to learn.

4.What’s the difference between Qigong and tia che

5. What diseases can Qigong help cure or prevent.

6. Does Qigong involve martial arts.

7. What’s the difference between Qigong and regular exercise.

8. How long has Qigong been around.

9. What are the 5 phases (elements) of Qigong.

10. How does Qigong help strengthen the organs in your body.

11. Why is Qigong associated with longevity.

12. How does Qigong expand your life expectancy to 100 years old.

13.  Why is Qigong so important in our society today.

14. What are some benefits of Qigong.

15. how long have you been teaching Qigong.