Events to Come


2013 K-pop Cover Dance Festival

Another special thing about K-pop fandom is covering K-pop dances. K-pop artists are known to have synchronized and complex dance routines. Yet they are well-choreographed. Fans all over the world create dance cover groups and learn the dance routines to certain K-pop songs. Then they would compete at festivals like K-pop Cover Dance Festival, which is held in Korea. They would first have to submit their video online. Then, the videos would all be viewable on their cite and it would be open for voting. Certain groups would be chosen to compete live at the K-pop Cover Dance Festival.


Winners of 2011 K-pop Cover Dance Festival, a winning team from Russia

The festival for this year apparently already started. And the final round will be some time in October. You can see more information about the festival here.


Okay, another announcement. Canadian couple Martina and Simon (a.k.a Eatyourkimchi), who’ve been growing popularity on YouTube while reviewing Korean stuff like food and entertainment while they live in Korea, are touring around Canada and the US! They’re coming to SF on July 18! This a great opportunity for me to meet other K-pop fans. Of course, more photos and interviews to come!


KCON is happening again this year! Not only will they be in LA, but also in New York! KCON first started in 2012, as only a one day Korean Conference. But now, because of the growth of K-pop fans, it is a 3 day conference. It will be from July 31 to August 2. They even moved the location to the Staples Center!

At this conference, not only do singers perform, but they have vendors, too. It will be exciting! I’m going for sure this year! It will be my first! Hopefully, I will be able to takes LOTS of pictures to post here and interview some fans. Please look forward to then!

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