• Has a more solid structure than before
  • Crop off black bars of music video
  • Move some imagery of Kpop a little earlier
    • Insert some examples of MV in intro
    • Quick glimpses of it
  • Color correct Allysse’s interview
    • Too red
  • Ending song does not match ending
  • Make picture smaller & move credits a little more to center
  • Ending logo –> change (smaller & center on screen)

Introduction: We are planning to give the audience a brief overview of what Kpop is and introduce Allysse.

Conclusion: We will end with how Kpop fans believe that Kpop will continue rise in popularity. It is here to stay in America. And then we will end with Allysse singing a song in Korean.

Some of the feedback we’ve got from the Rough Cut Critique:

  • Add clips of K-pop
    • Don’t worry about copyright
  • Add visuals to support meaning of ELF & fans
  • terminology? –> pop-up explanation
  • brief intro. –> can put brief history
  • voiceover as guide
  • weed through repetitive stuff & unnecessary stuff

This film is about non-Korean Kpop fandom in America. It will cover stories of how they came to love Kpop and overcame cultural differences and language barriers. It will also include how Kpop becomes a part of their lives.

This project was selected to be made into a non-fiction film! Three new members joined the team and the About Us page will be updated.

As for the approach to filming this documentary, we are planning to add interviews, infographics, and live shootings. And possibly, we would have narration in the background to guide the viewers throughout the documentary.