All posts for the month August, 2015

  • Has a more solid structure than before
  • Crop off black bars of music video
  • Move some imagery of Kpop a little earlier
    • Insert some examples of MV in intro
    • Quick glimpses of it
  • Color correct Allysse’s interview
    • Too red
  • Ending song does not match ending
  • Make picture smaller & move credits a little more to center
  • Ending logo –> change (smaller & center on screen)

Introduction: We are planning to give the audience a brief overview of what Kpop is and introduce Allysse.

Conclusion: We will end with how Kpop fans believe that Kpop will continue rise in popularity. It is here to stay in America. And then we will end with Allysse singing a song in Korean.

Some of the feedback we’ve got from the Rough Cut Critique:

  • Add clips of K-pop
    • Don’t worry about copyright
  • Add visuals to support meaning of ELF & fans
  • terminology? –> pop-up explanation
  • brief intro. –> can put brief history
  • voiceover as guide
  • weed through repetitive stuff & unnecessary stuff