Mark Adam

Genai Powers

Aaron Kang

Jon Wheatley


“Teenage Prostitution” by FlyOnTheWall Productions™

            It’s 4pm on a typical Tuesday afternoon in Oakland CA.  The sun is shining bright on this summer day and teenage prostitutes can be seen from corner to corner on the infamous track known as: International Blvd.

By exploring this under world of prostitution… we uncover the trials and tribulations of a teenage prostitute.  The forces that drive a young girl to sell her body and keep doing it regardless of the situations and circumstances she may face from day to day.   With insights from the men that control their decision to the customers that feed the business… we unravel this mysterious illegal sex trade.

With raw of footage of sex workers and the customers who purchase their services, we intermix this footage as “B Roll” to the exclusive and intimate interviews we conducted with a teenage prostitute and a “pimp”.    A public defender will also enlighten us on their professional experiences in dealing with these charges and their clients.

Use of extreme close-ups intermixed with beautifully captured wide establishing shots of International Blvd. will give the film a unique and elegant look to a somewhat unsavory and taboo subject. Will provide imagery, with all audio, for a captivating investigation.

Lastly we will get the view of the Oakland police Dept. Sgt Holly Joshi who was tasked with the duty of heading a three-year long vice and child exploitation unit.   What is the department doing to combat this issue?  Is it working?  What can the community do to stop/slow down this epidemic?


The message we want to leave with audiences is to raise awareness of this underground lifestyle that ultimately affects everyone in the community.   So stay tuned and be aware for the “fly on the wall” productions.

Sights of the Trade