The Project



581691_10152295777914156_1521533929_nThe core concept of my project is to give an insight of entrepreneurship. Starting your own business is a giant risk which most people are not willing to take I want show¬†someone who is taking that risk and the hard work and dedication it takes to stick with it. I will be following/talking with Gabe and his uncle Leo about the start of the company, where it is now, and what they hope for it in the future. I would say that this is a video I plan on anyone being able to watch. I think that if you are interested in owning your own company or how people “make it” this is a video that you would not want to miss out on.

Being a skateboard videographer has shown me something in most of my friends that I will never forget and that is no matter how many times you fall the only way to gain success and achieve your goal is to dust yourself off, get up, and try it again. I think the same rule applies to entrepreneurship. Being Gabe’s friend I have seen first hand how hard it can be to put somehting out to the public that youve worked really hard on and had it completely flop. From my understanding it takes a special type of person to not get discouraged and give up and my mission is to tell the story of these people.

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