Project Proposal


On the Up


Production team:

Nathan Galligani

Johanna Olson

Selania Reed

Colin Hoefle


This documentary is about Gabe Lee and his clothing company Mint, and the highs, lows, and inner workings of being a young, successful entrepreneur.


Young entrepreneurs, Hip-hop clothing enthusiast, Parents


The audience will see the inner workings of running a business, and will be inspired by the hard work and determination of a young, successful entrepreneur.


The documentary will follow the theme of the product, so it will have smooth hip hop beats with no lyrics.


The film will start out at Gabe’s house with a day in the life style of video approach. We will start in the early afternoon and do a short interview with Gabe in his room where he will explain who he is, what he does and other simple questions so that the viewers can get a sense of Gabe. We will highlight his room because it is very stylized. Someone’s room reflects their personality so we will have lots of coverage of it while also focusing on Gabe. During this time you will hear Gabe talking and answering the questions we will present him with. Since the story is revolved around Gabe it is important to have all aspects of his life covered. Outside of Gabe’s room, we will interview one or both of Gabe’s parents and get a little more insight into his family life/adult life and how they views him responsibility wise. This documentary will highlight Gabe’s home roots and its reflection on his adult life.

From there we will follow Gabe and start back up at his cousin’s warehouse where we will conduct more interviews and have Gabe show us what goes into day to day life at the warehouse. Gabe will be interviewed either standing, sitting, working; we will cover all angles. We will film lots of different clothes, hats, and up and coming models/sample clothing that Gabe has, to brighten things up in the rather dark warehouse. Gabe spends time on computers at the warehouse shipping orders in and out – shots of this process will be put on screen with interview VO so we will have lots of coverage.

After the warehouse scenes I want to intertwine Leo’s VO.  If we are not able to meet in person, we will do an interview over Skype, and have him tell his story of how MINT began.  He will give us first hand accounts of how Gabe has come through for the company. We will also show Leo’s perspective on Gabe directly related to MINT and how Gabe has grown as a man/entrepreneur since the start.



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