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Nathan Galligani is a Digital Film student here at Ex’pression college. Originally from Pacifica he has been focused on film and video editing for many years of his life. He grew up filming skateboarding and making small videos until recently, in the past 2 years, he has put out 2 full length skateboard videos. Skateboarding has always been a hobby and holds such a place in his heart but recently he has wanted to branch out. He came to Ex’pression because of the hands on approach it gives you and for the real world experience you get out of the school. Some of his biggest influences are Ty Evans, and Russell Houghten. Ten years from now he hopes to still be working in the film industry and being happy with what he does. He has set goals but you never know what the future holds so he aims to be happy with whatever he accomplishes.


Johanna Olson has some scattered knowledge in linguistics, Korean language, herbal medicine, and coffee, but most prominent is her interest in music. She has been writing, performing, and enjoying live music for as long as she can remember. She is originally from a small town in Iowa, and moved out to California on something of a whim. She is genuinely excited to pursue music, and is excited to have found a school that allows her to explore that passion.  She doesn’t know a lot about business and entrepreneurship, but is interested in capturing the success story of someone so young.



Selania Reed, who likes to be called called Lani,  is an  AVE student at Ex’pression College. She wants to learn how to become a better artist, and learn more skills in different areas, so that in turn she can become more of a well rounded person. She hopes to create her own animation and also go to any company. She  just wants  to create and do what she loves to do.  What drives her creatively is life and success, and all aspects of art. She tends to see the world differently than others. She grew up in Vallejo, CA,  she has 3 jobs and is  a very determined, hardworking individual and wants nothing but success. She’s a very well-rounded, down to earth person who wants to become very successful in her own animation and/or in a company 10 years from now. She didn’t have anyone who proactively influenced her, it was more so self motivated. What Selania knows about the topic is that it’s about a hard working college student who’s trying to mange so many thing in his life, trying to become successful, and she feels it is relatable to her life as well, and that’s the reason she wanted to work on this project.



Colin Hoefle is a Digital Film student at Ex’pression College. What lead him to pursue studies at Ex’pression was his lack of ability to tell stories. He comes from a small New England town where the outdoors and nature are best friends to most. Growing up in a globally minded household, he was consistently surrounded by smells, stories, pictures and memories from places far too foreign to his imagination. His lack of understanding these stories combined with how uncomfortable sitting in one place makes him feel, is what fuels him to write stories of his own. Traveling has to be his favorite way of doing so. What excites him the most about story telling is not the story itself but the connections and richness that comes with each interaction. At the end of his schooling at Ex’pression, he will have gained all of the tools and experience necessary to share a compelling story of the world, as he sees it.

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