Intro and Conclusion

The intro to this documentary will start with footage of outside the warehouse, with audio overlay of Gabe talking about what goes on inside. From there we will have shots of opening and unloading a giant trailer, with large boxes being loaded onto pallets and forklifted to a different location.  This will build some suspense, as it hasn’t yet been revealed what company this warehouse belongs to and who is working it.  We will have footage of Gabe working in the warehouse, helping to move boxes, with audio of him explaining what he does and how much he works.  This will lay down our concept of young entrepreneurship and how Gabe has to balance so many responsibilities.  From there, we will lead into family/friend interviews to solidify this idea of his character.

The conclusion will have footage of more of a direct interview taking place at the warehouse.  The topic covered will be his plans for the future and the future of the company.  We will have audio from both Gabe and his cousin Leo explaining their ideas, creating a parallel between the two.  The footage will be more of a seated interview than active, working shots, to help create the feel of “end of the day” and that all the hard work is done.

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