On The Up final

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Rough Cut – On The Up

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Colin Hoefle – After Effects

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Poster Stills

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Paper Edit – Timeline


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Midterm Feedback

-There was no clear indication that Gabe owns the business, we need to make this clear from the beginning

-Show family life, personal life; show how business effects school life

-Being such a young entrepreneur is the reason this topic is interesting; make that point stand out

-No change/conflict in the story

-What does Gabe really want; communicate that clearly to show conflict

-Who was he before compared to who he is now; get him to open up

-Show how Gabe works as an entrepreneur

-Show MINT outside of the warehouse; promotions, events, stores

-How does MINT interact with the community; mission statement

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Interview Questions


1. When did Mint start? When/Why did you get involved with MINT?

2. Did you always want to run a business?

3. What do you hope to accomplish with Mint?

4. What goes into the creative process for you?

5. What is your definition of success?

6. What is your biggest failure/biggest success thus far?

7. How much time roughly do you spend at the warehouse?

8. How do you find people to model your brand?

9. How are you able to work with Leo while he is in HK?

10. Do you find yourself relying on Leo for things, or has your growth in the company abled you to make more power decisions on your own?

11.How do you come up with new ideas?

12. Who is your greatest inspiration?

13. How do you build a successful customer base?

14. How has being an entrepreneur changed your life?

15. What is your favorite thing about owning your own business?

16. What does a normal day look like for you?

17. What do you hope for Mint in 5 years?…In 10 years?

18. Are your parents big supporters of what you do?

18b. Talk about their reaction to you switching to a business major. Good reaction/bad reaction?

19. If you had a chance to do it over again would you still choose the path youve choosen so far?

20. Did you have any crazy experiences dealing with balancing everything and in the warehouse or with the customers or anything?

21. Do you feel like this is something you’d like to continue doing? Why?

22. Talk about any celebrity endorsements/promotions you’ve done for MINT. 


1. What was Gabe like as a child?

2. What did you want for Gabe as an adult?(what type of job,school,etc.)

3. When Gabe told you he wanted to change his major from science to business, what was your reaction?

4. Would you guys consider yourselves to be Gabes biggest supporters?

5. What do you hope for Gabe’s future?

6. Have you ever visited Gabe while he is at work?

7. In what ways has Gabe changed the most since being involved with Mint?

8.  Has Gabe always been close with Leo?

9. Do you ever find yourself repping/wearing any Mint items?

10. Talk about watching Gabe’s involvement and responsibilities grow while working with MINT.


1. How did Mint start?

2. Why did you choose to partner up with Gabe?

3. Are there any other main players/designers/contributors involved with Mint that you’d like to mention?

4. Have you ever visited the SF store? If so, how often?

5. You’ve started, maintained and expanded a successful brand…could you highlight for me some of the most pivotal and important moments you’ve experienced since starting Mint?

6. Describe everything that Gabe does for Mint?

7. Where do you see the brand in 2020?

8. Was your parents supportive when you started your company MINT?

9.How old were you when you started your businesses?

10. Who or what  was your inspiration ?

11. Would you change anything or do anything over from the path you’ve chosen so far?

12.How stressful is your workload?

13. Why did you chose to expand the company to SF? Talk about any future expansion plans. 




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Intro and Conclusion

The intro to this documentary will start with footage of outside the warehouse, with audio overlay of Gabe talking about what goes on inside. From there we will have shots of opening and unloading a giant trailer, with large boxes being loaded onto pallets and forklifted to a different location.  This will build some suspense, as it hasn’t yet been revealed what company this warehouse belongs to and who is working it.  We will have footage of Gabe working in the warehouse, helping to move boxes, with audio of him explaining what he does and how much he works.  This will lay down our concept of young entrepreneurship and how Gabe has to balance so many responsibilities.  From there, we will lead into family/friend interviews to solidify this idea of his character.

The conclusion will have footage of more of a direct interview taking place at the warehouse.  The topic covered will be his plans for the future and the future of the company.  We will have audio from both Gabe and his cousin Leo explaining their ideas, creating a parallel between the two.  The footage will be more of a seated interview than active, working shots, to help create the feel of “end of the day” and that all the hard work is done.

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Story Narrative

What’s the narrative spine of your piece?

This documentary will show the past, present, and future of Gabe Lee and his involvement in his company MINT.

The story will start at Gabe’s house, where we will use his surroundings to paint a character portrait and get to know him from a personal perspective.  Gabe will talk about where he was before he got involved in MINT, and how and why he chose to get involved.  We will also hear from Gabe’s parents to not only build his character, but to see an outside perspective of Gabe’s involvement and dedication to MINT.

We will then show footage of Gabe in the actual warehouse.  Gabe will talk about where the company was when he started compared to where it is today, so we can see the growth in the company’s success.  We will intertwine dialogue of both Gabe and Leo – his cousin in Hong Kong – as they talk about the company’s expansion from Hong Kong to San Francisco, and other movements and promotions the company went through as it grew. We will also hear how Gabe’s own knowledge on maintaining a business changed, as he was originally studying something unrelated – what he knew upon starting compared to what he knows now.

Our interviews with Leo will show his own perspective of the company’s origins, and what goes on in Hong Kong, as compared to the location in San Francisco.  He will talk about the difference between the two locations, why he chose to expand to San Francisco, and where else he would like to see new locations.

We will then focus on what goes into a typical day.  We will show Gabe working around the warehouse, filling orders and managing computer records.  He will explain his daily roles and how he balances this with his schoolwork.  We will also hear what goes into conflict resolution and any sort of problem solving that arises around the warehouse.

We will then hear Gabe’s reflections on the company. He will tie together the ideas of the changes that have taken place, and tell how the company has grown, as well as how his goals and ideals have changes as a result of running a business.  He will better describe where the company sits now in terms of its success and its supporters, and where he sees it going in the future.

What are your main characters? What are your plans for getting footage besides boring talking head shots?

Our main characters are Gabe, our main focus; his cousin Leo who runs the headquarters in Hong Kong; Gabe’s parents, who will give an outside perspective to watching his role in the company grow; and potentially any outside promoters and supporters of his company.

Other footage will include Gabe working around the warehouse. For example: mailing packages, maintaining inventory, stocking items, and computer bookkeeping. We also have footage of the inside of the warehouse, backstock of clothing, and professional images of products.  We will also show footage from around Gabe’s house to help define his character.
How is conflict driving your story?

The conflict in the story is seen in how the international company MINT stays relevant and successful in a constantly changing market.  It is also seen in Gabe balancing school and work, and the sacrifices he has to make to manage both responsibilities.

What kind of change do you wish to unfold within your piece?

By the end of the piece, we will effectively have shown how Gabe’s level of involvement in the company has changed and grown as he took on more responsibility, how the company’s success has grown since its origin/Gabe’s involvement, and how Gabe’s personal life choices have changed since his start with MINT.

What’s the inciting incident and point of entry in your story?

This will be a story Gabe tells, as he explains how and why he chose to become involved in MINT, and why the company made the choice to launch a new location in San Francisco.

What issues do you foresee having making your piece visually strong?

The warehouse itself is very dark, so we will have to find ways to work around that.

Also, a large part of the company is in Hong Kong, which we obviously don’t have easy access to.  That would be important to add visually, so we will have to find a way to make it work with limited access.

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Core Concept

Our documentary follows Gabe Lee, a college student, who balances academics, running a business, and maintaining a popular brand.  The origin story of his company, MINT, shows what it takes to be a young, successful entrepreneur.



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