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Feb 10

Videos of Nakamura Taizaburo, Obata Toshishiro, and Mike Esmailzadeh

Nakamura Taizaburo Obata Toshishiro Mike Esmailzadeh

Feb 10

Extra Photos

Tim Smith, Nathaniel Nelson   Taken on a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Feb 10

Sites for information on Toyama Ryu

Oakland Dojo Suigetsukan Southern California Dojo Terms and descriptions of Toyama Ryu History of Toyama Ryu Dojo Locator

Feb 09


A Bokken is a training sword made of wood.  You use a Bokken when training two person attacking and blocking exercises.  

Feb 07


Here are some pictures of some swords.   Taken on a Canon SX40.

Feb 07

Beginning Students

These are some head shots for the beginner students I plan to use in my project, Francis and Fei. Taken on a Canon SX40.

Feb 07

Iaito Form

Here are some Iaito Forms from Toyama Ryu.  

Feb 07


Tameshigiri is the target cutting forms in Tayama Ryu Battodo.  Here is a video to show it in action,  

Feb 07


The Shomen is a shine that is in the front of a Dojo.  It symbolizes the linage of that Dojo, and recognizes the sacrifices people have made to that art alive.  Here is a picture of Suigetsukan’s Shomen.   Taken on a Canon SX40.

Jan 27

Forms at Suigetsukan

Here are some videos I took trying to get the best angle at the Dojo (Suigesuikan).  Tim Smith   Taken on a Samsung Galaxy S3.