About Us (Thousand Folds Productions)

Thousand Folds Productions consists of a small group of Game Art and Design students from Expression College.  The group was founded in 2015 by Nathaniel Nelson. They are united by a mutual love of video games and samurai culture. Their first movie, Swords by the Lake, is due for release May 2015.

Nate Nelson (The Fainting Goat)

Me with my dogs

Hello, my name is Nathaniel Nelson and I currently attend Ex’pression College in Emeryville, CA.  I am enrolled in the Game Art and Design program.  I have always wanted to work in the world of video games, and find attending Ex’pression is great step in obtaining that goal.  I take creative influences form multiple fields of media.  In film and animation I enjoy Alfred Hitchcock, Satoshi Kon, John Lasseter, and Wes Anderson.  In games I enjoy the Final Fanasty series,  Banner Saga,  and Portal.  In the next ten years I would like to be working in the gaming field while enjoying my life in Alameda.  I like to create new forms of gameplay in a digital format.


Diana Kahler (Rainbow Slinky)



My name is Diana Kahler. My family originates from a little county in central america, El Salvador. I am married to Computer engineer who is half Irish and German, a Multicultural family. Currently enrolled in Expression College to pursue my degree in Game Art and Design. My creativity is driven by current events, cultural background and my surroundings. In ten years I would like to be the head of a creative team in a game I am passionate about. My biggest influence are my culture, and the positive people in my life. I create music, I was originally majoring in music therapy.I consider myself a very artistic person who likes to take a challenge head on. I draw, paint,sing Opera and look forward to add more to the list as time goes by.

Ryan Morgan ( The Second Bob )



My name is Ryan Morgan.  I’m 20 years old and still have a gigantic amount of things waiting for me in life.  I’m a student currently enrolled in the Game art and design program at Expression college in Emeryville.  I love video games.  I grew up with them, video games quite literally motivated everything I did in my youth.  I even learned how to read thanks, in part to video games, because I wanted to know the names of various attacks in Pokemon. My goal is to inspire people in the same manner as the artists and writers who have inspired me, people like H.R. Giger, Tim Burton, Dave Gibbons, Neil Gaiman and much much more.  I also believe, that in a world filled with ignorance and conflict, entertainment and the arts should serve the important duty of cutting through said nonsense.

Before attending Expression I attended classes at Academy of Art University.  I had a few good teachers there, but overall I felt more like a cog in a set of gears than an actual individual artist.  So, now I’m at Expression and… I like it.   I draw, paint, discuss philosophy and politics, consume a copious amount of anime, and enjoy funny videos and pictures (such as most human beings do).  Here’s my blog, I hope you guys enjoy it. I hope to work at a place like Valve someday where I’m given a large amount of creative freedom.  I want to make cool games that I can genuinely say I’m proud of.

Je Suis Charlie!

-Ryan Morgan


Steven Ragsdale ( The Wounded Badger )




My name is Steven Ragsdale. I am a novelist, aspiring voice actor, and game design student at Ex’pression college. I enjoy playing games, making jewelry, and making funny voices. I came to Ex’pression College to live my dream of working in the video game industry. My driving force is that i have stories to tell and a great desire to see them made real in many forms, including novels, artwork, and games.

Ten years from now, I want to be working within a large game company while continuing to build the aforementioned media empire. My biggest influences are J.K. Rowling, Terry Goodkind, and the lovely design teams at Blizzard Entertainment. My creations range from character voices and artwork to stories of varying length.  My first novel is complete with the second one well under way.





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