Apr 16

Feedback from the Rough cut

Footage was good

There was no space between some of your interview

2 second of transition between people

Still photos letter boxes on the side

Good use of external footage tom cruise animation



Dojo/lake merrit

Not enough exposition to get you in the mood in it


Get sound bites set up what is so cool about this place the audience is left


The teachers voice is hard to understand a lot of reverb fix audio


All the dialogue with the video so many different/ clean up a little more


Worth getting sound bites from the sensei himself.


Audio is poorly recorded

Zoom- re say the important stuff


Cant get the audio putting subtitles-last resort


They like the woman/ what she was doing and why she was there aka Fei

Fei story drivenĀ 


Priceless-part Fei

Get Fei in camera to get her to talk to her.

Barrier between the audience and film

Closer to the people closer shots



Dave- Introduction and people favorite part

Right wrong depiction.

Fei Fei


Obatta Sensei his the connection to the tradition



Thankyou for addressing the laziness


Jerry- Topic driven piece not a story

Get Fei to be interview a whole story around her

Get rid of all the other footage

Dave-From the piece- lineage whose your teacher and the lineage.

Get Fei to talk about the lineage


Elliot- Beginning student, this are the influences of my life. Talk about her talking about sensei and Mike talk about Obatta Infostructure

Elevated sense of superiority

Get active shooting move to feel the space part of the actual activity going on


Sound is important


Keeping the culture alive end of intro Link back to the story structure to keeping the culture alive.