2nd Treatment

Working Title: Women Rock


This is a documentary about inspiring young women who love music and want to get into the production end of the music industry.


Our goal is to inspire young women that love music and dream of a career in the music production industry. We will support this through interviews with some young girls who are passionate about their music and have aspirations to be in the industry. As well as interviews with established music producers and musicians in the field. We will also use B-Roll of the music scene in clubs and dance events where people appreciate these artists’ talent.

Although Aphrodite productions is named for women, after the goddess of love, we still have interviews with two men because we feel that the male perspective is of importance to women’s success and this is not a gender bias production.

We interviewed Kittie Lynne, a young female DJ. We will interview Lilly Bry, a female drummer who also produces her own music. We have already interviewed established and successful record producers; Don Was, Antonina Armato and her producing partner Tim James.We have also interviewed Hayley Moss who is a film/television composer producer.

We have shot everything in high definition video so it will look the best it can. We have taken care on our interviews to make sure the sound is clean. B-Roll footage of club scenes, etc. will be grittier, as it was shot hand held with flip and handy cams, which may not be used. Our info graphics will include a profile for each interviewee. We also designed our own production logo.

We hope to communicate that dreams are possible and worth pursuing.


The Treatment

The subject of our documentary revolves around female producers and their daily lives and the progression of their careers. We want to capture the difficulties of being a female in a male dominated business. Not only will we show you the perspective of some local female producers, we plan on hearing from a big male music producer out of Los Angeles and a few of his renowned female producer friends. The gap between males being hired over females is constantly increasing, and we’re trying to the balance the scales a bit more with our seven-minute message of inspiration. We hope that our film inspires and encourages women to not be afraid.

“It’s a Man’s World” by James Brown couldn’t speak the truth any louder. This world is truly a man’s world and it is even more obvious that men dominate the music industry. We intend on approaching this topic without bias. We’re going to relay our message through footage of an event with all women producers and DJ’s combined with a series of interviews. We want our film to clearly state that we believe women should have an equal opportunity to rise as high as men in the music business.

At this moment we intend to interview a male music producer out of LA, Don, and some of his esteemed female colleagues. There is a chance that our production group will have to travel to LA, for these interviews. Our list of local female producer interviewees includes; Kittie Lynne, a Kirin Ryder and Kelsey Sauders. The interviews of the local producers and filming of music events will take place around the Bay Area

Our documentary will visually embody our philosophy through cinema verte of at least one all female produced performance, interviews and stills. Our audio method will consist of voiceovers and background music created by female producers.

We hope that through our efforts and the creation of this film, women will be encouraged to be courageous and strong enough to strive for a chance of equal opportunity. We know it is impossible to inspire every woman to be unafraid, but we hope to motivate at least one young aspiring female producer to persevere on her journey.


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