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Film Proposal

If I were to make a film about my blog I’d do a documentary of females and their lives as sound producers. I’d pick about 5 different girls and follow their daily lives in working with sound. I’d show the difficulties of what women go through being in this industry and show their hardships and successes.

Music of Mistresses -Proposal

My topic is about females involved in the sound world. This industry is mainly male dominated and I want to show the challenges and successes of females in this area. I will be posting information about upcoming female artists, famous female artists/producers and how they’ve become successful, show inspirations, and I will post as much information about this field as I can.

This topic is important because the world should know more about hard-working female artists in this industry. The audience is towards young female artists, or girls who are inspired to become part of this industry, but the information will be for everyone who’s interested in it. I hope to give good information for ladies to get involved in different programs or learn more about artists and how they got to the point they are at and show how to become successful.

My blog is unique because it addresses not only an interesting topic, but a very informational one. As I will be sharing information I will be learning more about the industry myself. It will be interactive and entertaining.

My blog will consist of links to websites, videos, I will be featuring upcoming female artists, tips, and information. I want to make it entertaining so the audience is not bored.

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  1. Belitsos Amy says:

    Jessica, I think this is a pretty excellent blog. Cudos.

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