Audrey Gallagher

Audrey Gallagher is one of the most inspirational female artists out there. She is very popular in the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene and is known for her unique voice and dreamy lyrics. The first time I discovered Audrey Gallagher was when I was listening to my Armin Van Buuren: Imagine CD where I fell in love with the song Hold Onto Me. Her voice is so unique sounding, and her words blow you away. What is really great about Audrey is that she writes all her own music, and her image is not typical of most female artists, she doesn’t come off as a sex kitten, but comes off as loving lady with a voice that she wants to share with the world. I’ve talked to Audrey over the interent about a year ago, letting her of course know how amazing she is, but also asking her advice about how to make it in her field, how it is to be her. What she wrote back to me was very enlightening and definatly made my day!

Audrey Gallagher says

Hey Girl
Thanks so much for your lovely message, it’s really appreciated.  I hope you’re well and I’m really glad you enjoy the music. I love your page, reminds me of me 🙂  do you sing at all?? i’d love to hear some if you do. But believe in yourself & your dreams, it may take a while coming but it will come

Take care

Now how can one not get excited by getting a message like that from one of their idols! She is truly a kind person and to this day continues to illuminate the world with her  breathtaking voice.

“To dream is to be
To live is to shine and I won’t bring you down”-Hold Onto Me

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