List of Stills used

Here are the links to all the still frames I used In my Trailer for the project!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_1200/energizer-bunny.jpg

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Sample Voice over




Its what gets us amped, and what keeps us going. Its one of the driving forces that got us out of the caves, pushed run fast, build higher and improve and create wonderful things in this world. Its what every sports fan loves, and its what keeps us moving forward. Most recently E-sports have been gaining a dramatic increase in popularity, and they demand a high level of concentration and alertness for extended periods of time. However, that exertion can really take its toll on the players and their families too. My aim with this project is to really dive deep into the world of E-sports and competitive gaming as a whole to understand the whole picture, the successes, the failures, and everything in-between to discover, Is this passion really worth it?

About me

I am Mitch Thompson I came to Ex'pression college fresh out of high school because I thought it would be different from a normal college. I like seeing and hearing intersting compositions whether it be a chip tune track from an older game that I play some hip hop track with an awesome beat I'll get inspired to make something cool from the environment around me. 10 years from now I wanna be making music for movies and video games and all around the field. Composers like Jake Kaufman and Danny Baranovski and rappers like tribe called quest and the Pharcyde inspire me currently but thats ALWAYS subject to change. Currently I make music with my bass and I am learning keyboard so I can use it in Ableton.