LMW 2 Documentary: More Than Just Dance


This is a short documentary about the process a dance company goes through in preparing for a performance.

Created by Jaraed Bello and Josh Ramirez

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How do you get into a hip hop dance company?

Most of the time the answer is audition.

Dance companies usually hold open auditions once a year, in which the head choreographers will teach you a piece and ask that you perform the piece back for them. Auditions can be as long as 3 hours or even a whole weekend. This audition process helps to choose those dancers whose styles fit closer to the style of the dance company.

Sometimes the answer is that you get recruited into one.

Very few dance companies use this process of gaining new members. The ones that do use this process are the highly recognizable dance companies (the ones that usually WIN every dance competition they enter into). This one is all based on skill and preference.

Lastly, it takes time.

A majority of dance companies gain new members by holding dance classes. This allows for them to train dancers before deciding who to allow into their company. If you prove yourself and feel ready to join the company, you can either audition or hopefully get recruited.

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Video of my Soundscape post.


This is the same performance but different video. The video I used for my soundscape was from my own personal camera and taken from elsewhere in the audience. This video gives you a better view of the performance and stage.

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Infographic: A Timeline of Hip Hop Companies

Contrary to many peoples’ beliefs, hip hop dance companies are fairly new. Only a handful of groups started before the 2000’s. Many of the groups you see now-a-days are byproducts of all of the dance movies, music videos, and television shows you see in the media.

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Soundscape: The stage.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/11608711″]

I decided to use audio from a performance that my group had last year at our high school’s talent show. Performing on stage is what every dancer lives for. We love to hear the audience cheering us on and we love to see the faces of people just being inspired by our dancing.

I used the piece of audio so that you can get a sense of what it is like to be at a hip hop dance show. You can hear the difference of the audio playing in the theater and the voices of people and the crowd. Depending on how close you are to the stage, you would most likely never be able to hear the dancers’ feet moving across the floor because it is all being drowned out by the music.

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An Interview with FMC.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/11607335″]

Interviewees: Jennifer To, Eddie Rivera, and C.C. Barker.

I tried to get an overall sense of the dance experience by interviewing two veteran members and one new member. We held the interviews after their dance practice, so they were a little tired and at a loss for words.


  • What’s it like dancing in a company?
  • What’s it like performing on a stage?
  • How would you define hip hop dance?
  • Would you say that hip hop dance is a hobby or more of a lifestyle?
  • What advice would you give to people interested in joining a hip hop dance company?

*I apologize for the occasional noise in the background. We held the interview in a separate room in their studio, but they had a class going on so you will occasionally hear the dancers’ voices.

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Hip Hop Competition and Show Flyers

1. America’s Best Dance Crew – Going on to it’s 6th Season, this popular show on MTV showcases some of the top dance crews in America. The show revolves around putting the crews into live tasks based on their routines (i.e. incorporate a certain style, dance to a specific song, etc.).

2. Battlefest Live – One of the only dance competitions that has the contestants create routines to satisfy an audience seated in 360 degree circle.

3. Body Rock – Held in San Diego, CA, this is one of the biggest dance competition held in Southern California and has had contestants from all across the US and even Asia perform and compete.

4. Elements – Held in Boston, MA, another dance competition held on the East Coast that has high praise in the dance community.

5. Fusion – Another competition held in Southern California.

6. Hip Hop 4 Hope – A new competition started in 2010. Held locally in San Francisco, the proceeds for this competition go to the AADP (Asian American Donor Program).

7. Hip Hop International – The competition consists of Regional competitions held across the world, with the World Competition held in Las Vegas, NV. Competitors are recognized worldwide.

8. Preludes NorCal – The biggest dance competition held in Northern California. Many local teams compete here.

9. Vibe – Hosted by a UC Irvine’s Lamba Theta Delta. This dance competition invites many crews along the West Coast. Winners are recognized regionally.

10. World Of Dance Tour – Despite being named “World Of Dance Tour”, this competition is only held around the US. The tour is comprised of many competitions held in different cities. Competitions are recognized individually rather than as a collective unit.

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Logo Designs

“More Than Just Dance” logo designs. The first incorporates the words and the “more than” sign into negative space. The second is just a play on the letters in dance.

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A Fusion of MSV and Dance


This is a video project that I have been working on for the past month. It showcases my dance crew, FMC. We wanted to visually showcase a piece of choreography in a creative way and in doing so created this video.

I hope you guys enjoy it. It was a fun experience.

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The Professional Side of Hip Hop Dance


This is the website of the Movement Lifestyle Group. ML started off as a YouTube Channel designed with the purpose of highlighting top names in the dance community.

The group consists of professional dance choreographers from around California. The ML group provides Youtubers with professionally choreographed and edited dance videos, many including story lines.

The website provides Youtube links to the artists’ works.

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